Ashley's belief in the power of the lens lies in the fact that a photo thrives off of a vision that freezes one short second and gives it the ability to embody an entire life.  This passion to transcend a normal way of seeing has led her to a career documenting light and the way it alters the basic vision.


But what makes sense to you? Light is what makes everything real.  Your wedding photos, the interior of your home, or the depth of an animal's eye.


"These moments in time I get to document allow me to share with my clients what the rest of us get to see.  The best things and moments of their lives frozen in time.  It's an opportunty that gives me chills."


Yet her credentials don't start and end with passion.  Ashley is an award winning and published artist as well.


In her spare time, Ashley is a competitive equestrian and avid outdoorswoman.  


Ashley's greatest goal in working with you is to render through her images that happiness and beauty come from perspective, and it can become a way of life.  


After all, "photography is a love affair with life."

“Photography is a love affair with life.” 

               - Burk Uzzle

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